Not only am I a South American Kayak Champion, but I also have a true love for the sport. This is why I deeply enjoy training and teaching kayaking to new clients, especially in whitewater.

Training in these clinics may comprise of either 1 or 2 persons at the same time, excluding the advanced level. Training at each level will be as follows:

  • Beginner

You will learn every technique required to improve your power strokes which will enable you to propel your kayak more efficiently through the water. You will also be trained in basic moves and safety in the river. (Training will be done in class I to class III rivers only).

  • Intermediate

If you already have some experience in whitewater kayaking and also have done some river trips, it is time for you to learn how to “roll”, surf in river waves and ferry across and against the river current. Safety in the river will also be taught. (Training will be done in class I to class III+ rivers only).


  • Advanced

This is for those who already know how to roll and have more than 70% success ratio in it.


At this level you will learn how to recognize and choose the right route in the river, play boating such as cartwheels, blunts, endos, even hand rolls and finally face a class IV to class VI+ river run. (Warning: No weak stomachs here! You need to be an adrenalin junkie like myself! LOL)

Regardless of what level you are, you will be provided with a kayak and all the gear needed for your run as well as a round trip to the river and even lunch-All in one package!

It is a fun and friendly trip that will teach you a lot about the sport of kayaking and the outdoors.

Rates and trip location vary depending on your choice of Beginner/ Intermediate /Advanced. ($125 to $300 a person per day). Trips will be on the weekends only.

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