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I have a great time with my clients and most of all I enjoy surrounding myself with people who have great attitudes!

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I was born in Vitoria, Brazil, and at a very young age I got myself involved with sports because I was always a bit overweight — swimming, volleyball and soccer.

But one thing that really got my “fire” started was kayaking. For some reason being in the river by myself and facing some good waterfalls, the mystery and uncertainty about what was going to happen on the river always got my adrenaline pumping.

At the age of 18 I was already a 3 time state champion, 2 time Brazilian champion and 2nd in South America in Slalom and Down River kayaking. Back then kayaking was a new sport in Brazil, so most of us were self-taught and trained.

That was the best time in my life! I loved the sport and setting goals, and the satisfaction of training and helping other friends to become competitors… not to mention that it gave me discipline and kept me away from the wrong people and drugs. It was a very simple but rewarding life.


When I was 19, I went to Europe and traveled for about 5 months to Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Lichtenstein…it was a learning experience, but play time was over.

I met my older brother here in the USA in 1991 and what was supposed to be a vacation destination became my home. As time when by I started to work and slowly I gave up the things I liked to do — working and making money was my main goal. I did it all: construction work, food prepping, cook, chef, waiter, bartender, restaurant manager and so on, but I noticed that I was slowly getting a bit depressed and chubby.


At the age of 26 I was burned out…too much work, too much responsibility, smoking heavily, bitter and angry, chubby (225lbs) and most of all, I felt like I was not doing anything rewarding in my life.

I was on the brink of breakdown, and no amount of money could make me happy. One day I took a good look at myself, and thought back to my earlier years when I did not have any material possessions nor major responsibilities in my life. Back then, the only thing that kept my body and mind strong and focused was my desire to be good at my sport…that was all…it was a simple, yet challenging goal that I enjoyed pursuing.

It was a great wake up call, and I knew that I had a long way to go. My first step to a new life was a trip back to the river. I got myself a kayak and went around New England trying to get my old self back into shape with the right attitude and a good head on my shoulders.

My competitive instinct was awake again, and losing the extra weight and becoming healthy again was my new goal. Slowly, I started getting in better shape…the culture change had taken a toll on me, and my food/diet, environment, goals and more all had to change.

I missed doing something that I enjoyed, and most of all I needed to do something that would give me the satisfaction of a reward.

Losing the weight took me about a year (from 225 to 170lbs), and my next goal was to look more athletic; which happened in time with my knowledge from my old training years. My next goal was to try to get myself involved in what I knew how to do best, playing sports and teaching, so I learned how to rock climb and began competing in natural bodybuilding events. Constantly revamping my goals kept me on track.

I got myself some books, got involved with the right people and after a lot of studying, I became a personal trainer.

The rest is here and now, I love what I do, I have a great time with my clients and most of all I enjoy surrounding myself with people who have great attitudes. Finally, above all, I get a great “kick” when I know that I played a part in helping someone achieve their goals.

Rolando Amorim




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