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Figure events is a great motivational way for those girls of any age who are trying to get in extremely good shape. It gives a great reason to make you reach to your goal and at the same time learn about your body in a short period of time.

To be honest, I really did not care that much about Figure Shows until in 2003 when I trained Taiza Thomsen (Miss Brazil 2002). At that time she was getting ready for Miss World 2003, as I worked and trained her, she told me about the rules and what the judges look for on a competitor in the events she participated, it was quite interesting and similar to the Figure events that I seeing in every Bodybuilding shows that I competed in. I realize how devoted and motivated she was tours her goal, witch kept her on track and I thought it was a great way for a normal person to make a transition into Figure to reach for a goal and get things started in a good and active lifestyle. Lets face it…I don’t think that there are many girls out there who are trying to become Miss USA, but there are plenty of those who are trying to get in great shape.

In every Bodybuilding show that I’ve done, I start to pay more attention to the Figure shows and learn more and more about it and I realized that it is some what similar to the preparation that I go though when I’m getting ready for my shows; dieting, poses, presentation, color, conditioning, etc. As a figure, you are required to have a tone and some what athletic body, it is not really about how muscular you are, but how tone and symmetrical you are but still holding a nice feminine look. The girls are also judged in their make up, hair, walk, presence and confidence on the stage along with their posing and fitting of their suits.

taiza Brazil

Rolando training

I had the pleasure to work with some clients from different ages, from moms to teens that competed in Figure events and they all loved…it is a great way to get in shape and learn so much about nutrition, fitness and how your own body react when you push yourself to the limit. Here is a great story of one of my clients that did extremely well in her show in such a short period of time. I hope you will have the chance some day to watch a Figure and Fitness show around your area, and I can assure you that you will fell inspired to be part of one as well, and if you do so, well…I’ll be glad to help you on every single step… or should I say pose.


Rolando Amorim


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