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Whether you need a motivator, an educator, or a new beginning, I am excited to help clients succeed in reaching their goals!

I grew up as an active kid doing dance, horseback riding, field hockey, cheerleading, and softball.  My father was always a positive role model, especially when it came to fitness, since he always prioritized working out and staying in shape.  At ten years old, my father gave me my first set of 10 pound dumbbells.  I was the only ten year old girl doing bicep curls before bed at night to improve my performance on the softball field.  When I was fourteen years old, I started to join my dad for weight training and cardio sessions at our local health club sporadically.  I taught myself what to do in the gym just by reading the directions on each of the weight machines and asking my dad for assistance when I needed it.

As I got older and my list of responsibilities grew, fitness wasnot of a priority of mine and I would only work out when I thought I had time for it.  By my third year of college, I had packed on 20 pounds of fat and was feeling sluggish, depressed, and self-conscious.  When the day came that I couldn’t fit in any of the jeans in my closet anymore, I knew I needed to make a change.  I made a commitment to myself to change my lifestyle by making exercise a priority and completely change my relationship food and nutrition.

I took nutrition courses during college and along with doing my own research; I designed a clean meal plan for myself.  I also designed my own weight training and cardio routine which helped me lose the 20 pounds I set out to lose in just twenty-four weeks. The most important part of my transformation has been that I have able to maintain my progress by eating sensibly and falling in love with exercise.

In March of 2014, I decided I wanted to challenge myself so I started to prepare for my first figure competition that spring.  I learned so much about myself both mentally and physically through the competition preparation process.  I have Rolando to thank for being my coach, and my friend, who helped me every step of the way to reaching my goal of competing on stage as part of the Muscle Sculpture team.  Competing gave me a sense of accomplishment and confidence that I never had before, so I knew I was hooked at that point.  I competed in five shows in 2014, and ended my year with multiple awards and WNBF Pro cards in both Figure and Fitbody.

I graduated from Fitchburg State University with a Bachelor’s of Science but I had no idea what I wanted to do with my career, so I took my first lucrative offer to work in pharmaceuticals.  After working in pharmaceuticals for a year, I wasn’t happy because I wasn’t passionate about it.  I knew I needed to follow my passion and build a career in the fitness industry. I was nervous about changing careers, but I took a chance and studied to get my certification through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and joined the Muscle Sculpture Team as a trainer.

Whether you need a motivator, an educator, or a new beginning, I am excited to help clients succeed in reaching their goals!

Meaghan Sullivan

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