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Competing every year keeps me not only motivated but more focused on becoming stronger and more successful.


Trainer- Courtney JolineI remember like it was yesterday, the pain and fatigue during my first mile run I have ever finished. 14 years old, 50 pounds overweight, feeling disgusted and ashamed of my own refection in the mirror. The teasing and torment I faced walking down the halls of my school, made me want to lose the weight that was masking my self esteem and pride. The drive and determination I felt after i finished that mile, I knew this was a start of my long journey of self discovery.


After months of running and 50 pounds lighter, I became a cardio queen. While living on the treadmill at Golds Gym I was lucky enough to be introduced to an inspiring trainer ”Rolando Amorin,” who became not only my trainer but my coach in Bodybuilding. 17 years old not even knowing how to preform a proper squat, i listened, learned and practiced everything I was taught and told to do. 6 months later I stepped onto that stage, and that moment on I knew my life had changed forever.

Stronger, driven and focused I knew the realm of fitness was what I wanted to learn and practice. Starting college full time for Nutrition I also on the side studied to become a personal trainer and aerobics instructor. While all the 18 years old were partying their nights away, I lessoned planned my hour long bootcamp class which I taught all by myself at 5:30am 3 days a week. 20 adults, relying on me to be their to motivate them through their fight of the day was so rewarding. I achieved not only the respect of my campers but also the motivation to start my own personal training business.

Four years later with 18-25 clients any given week, i achieved my goal of starting my own business and now working with my mentor, coach and best friend Rolando Amorin. We both practice what we preach and show our clients how to live our crazy but rewarding fit life style. Competing every year keeps me not only motivated but more focused on becoming the strongest most successful competitor, trainer, and student I can be.

Courtney’s Transformation

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